We began in 1935 as Honolulu Sash and Door founded on Oahu by the Gray brothers. During the 1960s, we expanded operations, refocused the business and changed our name from Honolulu Sash and Door to Honsador Lumber. Our vision in the 90s was to become the largest supplier of lumber and wood products across the Hawaiian Islands. To do that, we added key building materials and created a package home concept that would keep us ahead of the competition.

Today, we remain forward-thinking and proud to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of building materials and engineered roof and floor truss systems. In addition, we are still the leading provider of packaged homes, home plans, and building supplies and products for all construction professionals, contractors, tradespeople, and future and current homeowners building on Hawaii’s islands.

The team at our Kona location.

In addition to our island locations, we also have a Honsador sourcing location on the mainland—in Portland, Oregon—that provides our buyers and procurement experts firsthand access to the high-quality timber, lumber and wood products you depend on.

Honsador Lumber partners with the top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to deliver quality framing lumber and plywood, exterior siding and trim, decking and fencing, windows and doors, cabinetry and more. Whether your project is residential or commercial building, you’ll find quality brands like Trex and Tru-Pine, LP and WindsorONE, Milgard, Marvin, Simpson and Therma-Tru, DeWils and Islander. We are proud of Honsador’s reputation and the strong industry relationships we have developed throughout the supply channel. Because of this we are able to provide a reliable and consistent supply of the tried and true, and the latest and greatest building products on the market to our customers here on the islands.

Honsador provides not only superior building materials, prefabricated building components and packaged homes but also decades of professional expertise and a full complement of services vital to your business and your projects —providing bonding for building contractors, home planning and design assistance, staged deliveries, and credit options to support your project.

On Oahu

On Oahu, you can find us in Kapolei just off of Malakole Street. Nearby, you’ll also find our Oahu Honsador Truss design facility and manufacturing plant, our distribution center and our corporate offices.

On Maui

On Maui, you can find us in Kahului.

On Kauai

On Kauai, you can find us in Lihue on the southeast side and Kilauea to the north. Kauai is also home to our Island Truss branch.

On The Big Island

On the Big Island, you can find us in both Kona on the leeward side and Hilo on the windward side, which also is home to our Hilo Honsador Truss design facility and manufacturing plant.

Join our team!

Join our team!