For construction, precision engineering is everything. The single- and multi-family homes you build need to be able to withstand not only the everyday vertical loads but also the lateral loads, shear forces and uplift that come with seasonal tropical storms. Using prefabricated building components — roof & floor trusses specifically engineered for the job — takes the guesswork out of the house framing equation. It also lets you build faster and more efficiently than onsite stick building, reduces material waste and wasted time, and ultimately saves you money.

At Honsador Lumber, we have three fully staffed truss engineering design and precision manufacturing facilities—Oahu Honsador Truss in Kapolei, Kauai Honsador Truss in Kauai and Hilo Honsador Truss in Hilo.

Truss System Design

At each location, you’ll find helpful designers experienced in using full suites of MiTek software to design complete, individual roof truss systems as well as floor truss systems engineered specifically for your job and application. You can ensure you’ll have both the chord configurations you want for your project’s layout and profile features as well as the member clearances you’ll need for trade mechanical systems like electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. You can do it all before the first board is ever cut knowing that the truss system designed for your project will be checked and approved by licensed engineers to ensure it will be structurally sound.

Truss Manufacturing

At each location, you’ll also find state-of-the-art precision truss manufacturing plants fully equipped with cutting-edge technology like MiTek Cyber Saws programmed for exacting measurements and cuts accurate to the sixteenth of an inch as well as automated CMF truss tables to ensure sound, consistent, error-free assembly to plan parameters. MiTek-driven software ensures that every board is used to its full potential, that every angle is cut to spec the first time and that every metal plate is the correct fastener for the job. Every measurement, cut or joint is created in a consistent, level environment, quality controlled every step of the way. The end result is a neat series of trusses ready for transport to your job site—a prefabricated building component system ready to be dropped into place and perform to spec.

Truss Plate Line Delivery

You can count on Honsador Lumber’s certified delivery drivers to deliver your trusses when you need them wherever you’re working. Our trucks are fully equipped with plate line delivery cranes, so you can depend on our skilled operators to place each truss accurately and safely in even the most challenging of Hawaii’s building environments.

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Honsadors roof & floor trusses can simplify your construction process and your work site while controlling costs by knowing exactly what they will be up front—without costly miscalculations, mistakes, work site theft or accidents. You’ll know that every board used is the right stick of graded Douglas fir selected, cut and assembled to Hawaii’s exacting building code standards.

From design to manufacture, delivery and installation, you can trust our dedicated staff at Honsador Truss to work with you to keep your projects moving forward—on time, on schedule, on budget. Come visit with our truss design and engineering pros, and let us streamline your building process with prefabricated roof truss and floor truss building component systems engineered to match your precision build.