Having the right building components, supplies and materials you need at your work site exactly when you need them is critical for keeping projects on schedule and contracts in force—and for managing cash flow. Time—delivery time—really is money. You know it, and so do we at Honsador Lumber.

  • Supplies delivered too early clutter a work site, quickly become hazards, and are subject to damage and theft. They may even have to be refused due to a lack of storage area.
  • Supplies delivered too late can mean costly downtime, missed deadlines, time-consuming workarounds and an inability to meet contract specifications.

At all of our Honsador facilities—our full-service lumberyards, our roof and floor truss design and manufacturing plants, our distribution center and even at our headquarters on Oahu—we understand that the perfectly scheduled delivery begins with the very first quote we draw up for you. From there, it rides on our ability to place the right orders, source the right supplies, precision-cut the right lumber, or design and manufacture the right building component system correctly the first time so that whatever you need is ready to be placed in a shipping container or on a truck bound for you as promised.

Then, it’s time for our fleet of delivery trucks, professional drivers, certified machine operators and helpers to do what they do best—to deliver on what you’ve bought and what we’ve promised on the terms we’ve agreed upon from that very first quote. We can do it because our team is the best at what they do.

Your delivery will be accurate, complete and on time every time.

Equally important, our delivery equipment is specialized for Hawaii’s unique landscape challenges and regularly serviced to ensure our drivers can deliver on time every time. Our trailers are equipped with piggyback forklifts to unload small loads and large without damage, and our drivers are skilled in placing deliveries as close to the point of use as safety allows. Thanks to the expertise of our crane drivers and operators, we offer plate line delivery for roof and floor truss systems as well as crane placement for shipping containerized loads. We even have conveyor ramps for rooftop shingle and tile deliveries.

Whether we’re arranging a single delivery of framing lumber, decking or cabinetry, or a series of carefully timed and coordinated staged deliveries of our package home, exterior cladding and trim for multiple residential units, windows and doors for a planned neighborhood, or building component systems, you can depend on Honsador Lumber’s entire staff to get your order right.

No matter what Honsador location you work with—our Oahu Honsador Truss plant or full-service lumberyard in Kapolei, our location on Maui in Kahului, our Kauai locations in Lihue on the southeast side or Kilauea to the north, our Kona yard on the leeward side of the Big Island, or the Hilo lumberyard and truss plant on its windward side—we have a single mission: Your delivery will be accurate, complete and on time every time.