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Dryvit is the manufacturer of Outsulation® systems and the company that spawned the highly-successful Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) industry in North America in 1969. Dryvit Outsulation is a high performance cladding system for commercial and residential construction, which utilizes exterior continuous insulation (CI).  It is available in a number of system configurations to meet any climate or building condition and numerous durable textures and colors to complete any architect’s vision.  More than 1 in every 11 commercial buildings in the United States features Dryvit products on the exterior. Dryvit has led the EIFS industry for more than four decades because of its commitment to research and development.  Dryvit consistently introduces new products and systems that keep it on the leading edge of the building industry.  That spirit of innovation, coupled with a rigid adherence to the highest standards in manufacturing quality and consistency, has made the Dryvit brand the unquestioned leader in the EIFS industry.  Dryvit remains the only EIFS manufacturer to have all of its five North America production facilities ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified – the Gold standard for worldwide product consistency, quality and environmental stewardship. With production facilities in Canada and Poland, Dryvit has evolved into a true global force as well.  Anywhere around the world you can find beautiful and high-performing Dryvit buildings. There’s only one Dryvit!


For over 50 years, Merlex has strived to provide the best quality stucco and customer service in the business. We are very appreciative to have earned the business of so many repeat customers. Here’s just a few things they say about us:

  • Merlex materials spread best
  • Merlex colors are brighter
  • Merlex products are consistent from job to job, so I know I can count on my materials 

If I have an important job, I always use Merlex What separates Merlex from other manufacturers isn’t just the quality and workability of their products, it’s their dedication to the project Merlex Stucco is a small business built from the Midwestern tenacity of its founder, Merle VerBurg. With our dedicated staff of knowledgeable employees, Merlex offers the finest stucco products, paired with superior service and reliable, on-time delivery. We tailor our service to you, the customer, so that we are sure we meet your needs with the best possible products and prompt, value-added support. At Merlex, sustainability is more than an industry trend; it’s a shared passion. We see it as an energizing challenge — to create new products that make better use of natural resources and improve the built environment. You’ll see this focus in our products, and you’ll hear it from our sales representatives. We are well-informed about green building programs and regulations, and we are excited to apply our knowledge to your project.


Texston has led and shaped the decorative plaster industry for over 25 years. With projects in Japan, China, Dubai, Europe, Central America, and across the US, our products are chosen for versatility, durability, environmental friendliness, and customer support. For centuries, Venetian plasters and old world stuccos have adorned villas, palaces and cathedrals throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Let your project’s true character reflect the beauty and elegance of these traditional techniques. Our endless palette of colors and textures designed for durability will inspire tranquility with a classic, elegant look or a bold, dynamic effect with modern flair. Whatever you desire, Texston offers a vast new aesthetic territory to explore.