Bringing building solutions to the Hawaiian Islands since 1935.

Island Truss

All Honsador Truss locations have an experienced design and production team dedicated
and trained to service all of your engineered roof and floor truss component needs. When
you choose Honsador Truss, you can have confidence in choosing a company with a long
track record for full job service, on time delivery and customer satisfaction.

We use all grade specified and pressure treated Douglas Fir lumber. All lumber used is
treated to Hawaii Building Code standards which ensure you are getting the highest level
of durability available. All trusses are built to the exact specifications for each
construction project, so they’re designed to give optimum performance with less lumber,
less weight, less waste and fewer man hours than traditional framing.

Manufacturing Equipment

All Honsador Truss jobs are produced using modern and technologically advanced
production process. Our Plants use CMF Manufactured truss tables and the Mitek
computer driven Cybersaw to make sure all lumber is cut accurately, precise and to the
correct specifications. This equipment provides us the ability to produce truss packages
that fit and save you time and cost on installation and finish.

Our quality controls are in place throughout the entire process.  From design to
production, to delivery you can be confident that your truss package will meet your