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One of our promises to our customers is to ensure that we are constantly delivering the newest products and latest building technologies. Tru-Pine is just that – the latest evolution in outdoor timber, beams, posts and boards. When you need serious structural-grade strength to build out of doors on the islands but also want the flawless finish associated with high-grade smooth-surface interior woodwork for beauty and appearance, you have one answer in Hawaii—Tru-Pine, a Honsador Lumber exclusive. In fact, Tru-Pine is so expertly milled and consistently free of defects that it’s perfect not only for exteriors but also for interiors too.

Tru-Pine is PINENZ-certified engineered Radiata Pine timber sustainably grown and harvested from dedicated plantation forests in New Zealand. Thanks to cutting-edge proprietary formulas and painstaking manufacturing processes, it’s designed specifically to ensure that the signature outdoor living spaces and structures that you build in Hawaii’s tropical climate are built to last.

Tru-Pine posts

Tru-Pine posts are treated with MicroPro—”a micronized copper azole pressure treatment process”—to sustain heavy-duty in-ground use and carry a 50-year warranty.

Tru-Pine beams and boards

Tru-Pine beams and boards are treated using an organic LOSP—Light Organic Solvent Preservative—to extend lifespan for up to three decades above ground.

Finger-jointed and laminated to spec, Tru-Pine is resistant to termites, borers, rot, fungus and decay, making it a perfect building material for pergolas, porches, lanais, decks, balconies, mouldings, fascia, trim, weatherboard and siding. Tru-Pine also offers coordinating railings and balusters, providing continuity and flow for every project from start to finish.

Tru-Pine comes in all the widths, heights and lengths that your plans demand. From 2x3s to 2x12s, lengths range from 16 feet to 20, with convenient builder’s pack options for half or full bundles so that you never have to worry about waste or shortages. GL8 posts and beams are fully glue-laminated, providing the full range of dimensions—from 3x4s and 4x4s to 4x12s or 8x8s. Meanwhile, Tru-Pine F7 series 10- and 12-inch boards are typically edge-laminated. The structural, load-bearing capabilities of the GL8 series result in the higher psi performance levels you need to address bending, tension, shear, compression, elasticity and rigidity.

For your convenience, Tru-Pine arrives primed and undercoated, but to maintain its integrity as you build, you’ll want to seal any cut edges or holes with the appropriate fillers, sealers, wood preservatives and paint. For fastening in Hawaii’s coastal climates, Tru-Pine recommends 304 and 316 stainless steel nails, screws, bolts and brackets—exactly what you’ll find here at Honsador Lumber.

Engineered for enduring style, strength and beauty, Tru-Pine handles just like conventional wood and is an environmentally sustainable choice that’s more durable than traditional dimensional wood and far more attractive and surface-finished than most structural engineered wood products.

Before you start your next outdoor living project, visit your nearest Honsador Lumber location with your plans and let us show you what makes TruPine so unique. You can find our full-service lumberyards in Kapolei on Oahu, Lihue and Kilauea on Kauai, Kahului on Maui, and Kona and Hilo on the Big Island.

As Hawaii’s exclusive Tru-Pine dealer, we chose Tru-Pine because Tru-Pine posts, beams and boards give you a balanced way to build strong and beautiful—and that combination is hard to beat.