Solutions for Your Flooring Needs"Professional builders have used Trus Joist engineered lumber products from Weyerhaeuser since the 1970's to build homes in Hawaii."

LP Building Products & Honsador Lumber Bring You The Best In Building MaterialsLP Building Products And Honsador Lumber Bring You The Best In Building Materials.



Clean Tecnology:
This is why WindsorONE+ Protected Trim Boards come with a Gold Indoor Quality Rating and are eligible for LEED points. Coupled with a 30 year warranty against Decay, Rot and Termites (including Formosan) you have trim board that is both durable for the exterior and healthy for the interior; giving you one less thing to worry about.
Craftsmanship Pays:
When People walk into a home the first thing they notice is the detail work. Trim shows off the exterior and interior detail work of a home. The Craftsmanship on a project is what gets you noticed and drives referrals to you. This is why builders use WindsorONE. Every stick of WindsorONE is smooth, straight and comes with an industry leading primer. The crisp edges of WindsorONE give every project an identity that makes people take notice - Getting you more referrals.
Manufactured in the USA:
Tired of hearing horror stories about products being recalled due to safety hazards or sub-standard materials? Your Customers demand safe quality products that exceed their expectations in form and function. This is why WindsorONE is manufactured in the USA using only the finest materials. WindsorONE controls the wood used in its trim boards from source to sale, ensuring that only the finest materials make it to your jobsite.