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Honsador Lumber Building Material Product List

Product List

Since its inception in 1935 Honsador Lumber has been bringing “Building Solutions” to the Hawaiian Islands in the way of a quality product selection and experienced product specialists.

The “Company” We Keep:
Our list of manufacturers is long and repeatedly punctuated by “five star” companies like Weyerhaeuser, Georgia Pacific, TREX, Certainteed, Louisiana Pacific (LP), Dryvit, Ply Gem, Simpson Strong-Tie, Simpson Doors, Masonite and more. These companies have been with us for years, many exclusively for decades.

Thousands of homes built throughout the Hawaiian Islands have used these name brands and scores of others we’ve brought to these shores. None of these brands would have made it to Hawaii until a team of Honsador Lumber product experts “scrubbed” the products and manufacturers, looking for qualities that could withstand the demanding climates and UV conditions found in Hawaii.

While we believe in time tested brands in the commodity category we also look for new and innovative products to add to our inventories. We are always mindful of our reputation for quality and enduring products – only products with the best performing credentials and exhaustive testing and code compliance will make it to our customer projects.

We get it!

As an island company, we are in our 7th decade of service to the Hawaii construction industry. We employ local folks and those from other places in the world who have made Hawaii their home. Our employees support hundreds of contractors and owner builders with not only their excellent service but with product knowledge and a commitment to bring the best products to our customers. This is a tremendous responsibility that we take seriously. We get it!

A Closing Thought:

Although we strive to have the most competitive price for all our products, we have found over time that there is a real correlation between quality products and the price you pay. In lumber, for example, we prefer to sell our framing timber items using the #1 and Better grade. Our competitors will often give you #2 & Better which is just not a good grade for timbers (4” and thicker). There are quality differences with plywood as well.

One should also become familiar with what is going on in the treatment of lumber and plywood sold in Hawaii. There are just too many short cuts that can be taken in the treatment of lumber. Undertreated lumber and plywood; architectural laminated beams and engineered wood products leave unsuspecting buyers vulnerable to early insect infestation and possible loss of structural design strength. These products are making their way from the Pacific Northwest to our islands by those who would have you think the material is being properly treated and is in compliance with our very stringent building codes. Many of these products are not in compliance with Hawaii’s treating standards.

Honsador owns its own treating facility located here in the islands. Through third party testing we assure ourselves and our customers that lumber and plywood treated at our facility will be in full compliance. Our engineered products also receive the right kind of treatment so as not to diminish the structural design strength intended. Be careful, ask questions. Ask for credentials connected with treatment loadings, especially on imported pretreated materials.

While it would take a long discussion to properly explain it all - we take the worry out of it so you know you are getting quality lumber and other wood products from Honsador Lumber properly treated and on grade.