Solutions for Your Flooring Needs"Professional builders have used Trus Joist engineered lumber products from Weyerhaeuser since the 1970's to build homes in Hawaii."

LP Building Products & Honsador Lumber Bring You The Best In Building MaterialsLP Building Products And Honsador Lumber Bring You The Best In Building Materials.


Solid Pine or Stain Grade, is used when you want to see the natural wood grain pattern throughout the application. Solid can also be used for painting as well.
Primed Pine has recently become very popular. This is a fingerjointed moulding that has been pre-primed from the manufacturer. All it needs is one coat of paint.
Douglas Fir Mouldings are used especially for applications that require a stronger and more durable wood product. Therefore you will find Doug Fir is used for handrails, closet poles, flooring etc.
Like Oak, Doug Fir has a very deep and rich looking wood grain which lends itself to being stained, although painting is also a viable option.
Redwood's rot resistant properties lend itself to outdoor applications such as decks. When used in the interior of the home, it adds a rustic appearance. For more information on the grades of Redwood available, Do it Yourself Projects and the conservation efforts to save the Redwood forests.
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
MDF is typically lower in cost than comparable nonprimed finger joint products.
Pre-primed MDF for added savings in time and money.
Uniform grade and consistency without unsightly defects.
Little or no surface preparation is necessary before final painting.
Does not split or have raised grain, resists warping, and it cuts cleaner than pine.
Has a hard surface that resists hammer dings, construction-related damage, and everyday homeowner wear and tear.
Available in a complete line of attractive casings, bases, crowns, jambs, and stool as well as coordinating profiles to customize your design.