Solutions for Your Flooring Needs"Professional builders have used Trus Joist engineered lumber products from Weyerhaeuser since the 1970's to build homes in Hawaii."

LP Building Products & Honsador Lumber Bring You The Best In Building MaterialsLP Building Products And Honsador Lumber Bring You The Best In Building Materials.

Islander Cabinetry

Islander Cabinetry

For starters, this cabinet is void of any particle board which has proven to be a short term performer in Hawaii due to the ever present high humidity. The "Islander" is an All Wood cabinet made from high quality hardwood plywood, and solid all wood parts complete with durable finishes that will react positively to our climate and open lifestyles.

Extra Ultra Violet inhibitors have been added to extend the life of the finish. Our drawer boxes are made extra strong with dovetailed joinery and undermounted drawer glides that can hold heavier loads than most offered in Hawaii.

You want longevity and care free use of you cabinetry? We do too. So we have embodied the attributes that are usually found in much more expensive cabinets in the "Islander." Enjoy.

Islander cabinetry Shaker Series

"Shaker" Series

Islander Cabinetry® was created and customized to address the unique Hawaii lifestyle and climactic conditions.

King's Queen's Cabinet Collection by Honsador

"Queen's/King's Collection"

Kekoa Cabinet Collection by Honsador Lumber

The Kekoa Cabinet Collection

Kekoa, the Strong, Brave, Courageous Soldier epitomizes the motivation for creating this collection. This cabinet, also dubbed, "The Warrior," is our project level cabinet line. We engineered "The Warrior" to be tough, strong and lighter but equipped with features and hardware that would allow it to function and look better than its market peer group.

The Kekoa Cabinet Collection Brochure