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About Honsador

Honsador Lumber started its business in 1935 as a millwork and sash and door company on the island of Oahu. The beginnings were Spartan as one could imagine manufacturing to be in the 1930’s. During their start up and for many years after that the Company was appropriately called Honolulu Sash and Door. Over the years the Company evolved out of a small millwork and sash business and into Hawaii’s largest lumber supplier. In time the Company added finish products such as cabinetry, doors and windows and others to compliment the lumber and plywood offerings. The Company targeted general contractors and owner builders and military accounts.

Everyday Honsador furnishes key materials to Hawaii’s largest, mid-size and small builders. Owner builders are attracted to Honsador for many reasons but we know they especially enjoy working with our staff of sales and product specialists who have years of experience ion building materials. This has been part of Honsador’s history; to always field the most knowledgeable personnel at all levels and for all disciplines represented in its line up of products and services.

As we fast forward to present day you will find that the Company has grown to 7 locations around the Hawaiian Islands. Honsador even has a location in Portland, Oregon where experts in lumber and plywood procurement buy and feed the branches with only the highest quality materials. Major branch locations in Hawaii are fully equipped with robust inventories, a wide assortment of general building materials, delivery equipment, some showrooms and of course our talented sales and operations personnel.

The Company continues to mature and add new products to its vast inventory of domestic products. It has even started importing finish goods from China such as Cabinetry, Granite and specialty Hardwood Plywood.

From its simple roots the Company has grown into the kind of Company people enjoy working with for building solutions and trouble free material supply.



Honsador Lumber supplies building materials for residential and light commercial market segments in Hawaii. Its product line includes Hawaii’s deepest and broadest selection of framing lumber and plywoods, appliances, cabinetry, doors, drywall and accessories, exterior finish systems, fasteners, vinyl and composite fencing, locksets, moldings, plastic lumber, radiant barrier wall and roof sheathing, plywood and cementateous siding, light gauge steel framing, decking, joists, windows and more.

The Company also offers concrete forming plywoods, batt insulation, builders hardware, sound attenuation products and most recently insulated concrete form systems. The Company also offers homeplanning services and prepackaged home kits under the brand name of “Island Homes Collection®." Thousands of packaged homes have been built throughout all the Hawaiian islands.



There are 7 locations in the Islands stretching all the way from Kilauea on Kauai, Kapaa, Kauai, Nawiliwili Kauai; Kapolei, Oahu; Kahului, Maui; and on the Big Island, with a branch in Kona and Hilo. Delivery services are offered from most branches using state of the art trucks, “piggy-back” lifts and even a roof top capability for unloading roof shingles in the Kauai market.



The Company was founded in 1935 by the Gray brothers who specialized in producing window sash, doors and selling a short line of building materials. It operated under the name of Honolulu Sash and Door and was located just outside of the downtown Honolulu area. After several decades the Company began to spread out and grow into more of a lumber and wood products supplier to the trade on Oahu. In the 1960’s the Company left the crowded Honolulu area and relocated west to the Campbell Industrial area in the Ewa plains. The Company name was changed to Honsador Lumber to streamline the name and to emphasize the then product focus. In the 1990’s and through the present time Honsador Lumber has again used solid forward thinking to keep it ahead of the competition. Without losing its main purpose, that of being the largest supplier of lumber and wood products, it has added key building materials and skilled disciplines to round out its product offering and keep it way ahead of the competition. It also took its expertise to the neighboring islands where full service Branches have been added.



Without equal in the Hawaii market, Honsador Lumber is led by an experienced and talented management team. With an emphasis on excelling at customer service, the management team shares a vision for the Company with its critical thinking directed at keeping the Branches responsive to customer needs and ultimate satisfaction with the Honsador experience. Management is supported by a well trained and experienced staff of middle management, product specialists and technical sales consultants. The best building material pros in the State of Hawaii work at Honsador Lumber. They lead the industry with their knowledge, care and interest.